The game.
Grenadine Finance Miner is a decentralized application built on Arbitrum. You can consider the protocol as a game where the aim is to generate as much yield as possible earlier than other players.
The objective is to recruit bartenders that will work day and night for you to create you as much grenadine as possible. Any bartender will generate droplets forever and only these droplets can be sold.
The "Grenadine Lab".

What actions can a player make?

Recruit a bartender

This is the only mandatory action to enter the game, you have to deposit $ETH and hire a bartender that will start generating grenadine droplets. Once a farmer is bought, it cannot be sold and will generate droplets forever.

Compound droplets

You can chose to reinvest the droplets generated by your team of bartenders to hire new workers. These new recruits will lower the overall efficiency of every bartender.

Sell droplets

You can also chose to sell the production of your bartenders and have a return on your investment. The game is all about finding a balance between reinvesting the production and using it to generate even more.


We highly recommend establishing a strategy beforehand and to stick to it. Players that manage to build acquire a large workforce before others will earn the most. We do not want to nudge you into a strategy, if you feel like you should compound, do so and if you feel like you should sell your droplets, do so too!
Last modified 11mo ago